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Sidewalk Widths Oakland

This map is intended to give an overall impression of how sidewalk widths impact the ability of pedestrians to practice social distancing, and how the Oakland Slow Streets program affects this.


This map uses best-available city datasets but has important limitations. Slow Streets locations were obtained from the City of Oakland's online map viewer and are accurate as of April 27. Widths were taken from Oakland's most recent sidewalk inventory in 2006, provided by city staff. This source data is somewhat dated, doesn't account for variation along each blockface, and was not verfied for accuracy or completeness. More information and source code are available here.

Do not use this map to make decisions that impact your health or safety. Other important factors like sidewalk obstructions, population density, and pedestrian activity are not accounted for in this dataset. Local knowledge and other information are critical for making decisions about using and managing city streets.

This map was inspired by Sidewalk Widths NYC.